House Republicans to Offer Short-Term Debt Ceiling Plan

In order to avoid a U.S. default and further financial crisis, House Republican leaders said Thursday they will propose a plan to temporarily raise the debt ceiling. The measure would increase the debt limit until Nov. 22.

In exchange, House Speaker John Boehner told reports he wants Obama “to sit down and discuss with us a way forward to reopen the government and to start to deal with America’s pressing problems.”

A statement from the White House made clear, however, that President Obama will not begin formal talks with Republican leaders on deficit reduction and the Affordable Health Care Act until the House GOP address the Senate measure to finance and reopen the government.

“The president has made clear that he will not pay a ransom for Congress doing its job and paying our bills,” a White House official told the New York Times on the condition of anonymity.

I posted last Tuesday about the inevitability of a government shutdown. At the time, the same house GOP leaders now extending a loaded Olive Branch to the White House appended a one year delay on so-called Obamacare to their spending bill, knowing it would not pass the Senate and would cause the federal government to shut down.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had this to say about the GOP tactics:

While this may be the first step towards substantive dialogue between the two parties, the rhetoric has not changed much on either side. Someone will have to make real concessions to get the government running again. With congress locked in an ideological stalemate, it’s unclear when that may happen.


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